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Lots Of Events This Week

Hearts / Dec 15, 2015
The holidays are upon us and so the event planners have stepped it into high gear. This week there are 3 (yes three) events planned. Be sure to check out the events page to sign up.

The first event of the week is a society swunt. Join Vamprick and your fellow revivalists on a swunt scheduled for 23:59 game time on Saturday. It's a great way to skill, gather some sweat, and get to know other members of the society.
*TeamSpeak will be used during this event and all participants are encouraged to log in to our TS server even if it's only to listen.*

There is also a holiday event hosted by wolfdoggy. This time for this event is still being worked out; it will either take place during the swunt event or after. No one but our very own wolfdoggy could put something like this together and you definitely don't want to miss out on the holiday fun. Please sign up today. Sign ups will help wolfy put together the teams. Which team will win? You'll only know if you sign up and participate.

Lastly, we have the final radio show of the year (there will not be a radio show on the 26th). Lets all get together and give the radio show some momentum going into the new year. Hearts could definitely use volunteers to "spamertise" the event at some of the sweating hot-spots. No sign ups are required for this event, Hearts just asks that you try to come and support the show by tuning into the stream and dancing on the roof of the Camp Icarus building.

Happy holidays everyone!



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