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Hearts / Dec 01, 2015
Greetings Revivalists!

In a feeble attempt to mimic Faucon's weekly society update newsletter, I thought I would put together some of this week's society highlights. WARNING: This will not be as elaborate nor eloquently worded as our great leader is a much more skilled author than I am.

Here we go...

This week has brought about many changes in the society. It has been the biggest week for the introduction of new members in a long time. Sola recruited Crystal Craft, Nova recruited Eragon, and Eragon wasted no time in recruiting Tore. I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to each of you for helping our society continue to grow.

Additionally, we have had 2 promotions within ERP. Vamprik, for many weeks now, has organized successful hunting and swunting events for us. Not only has he been organizing the events, but has also been keeping track of our hunting and swunting statistics so that we can continue to improve our events to make them not only more enjoyable but also more eco for the participants. This has required a tremendous amount of time and effort on his part and as a result, Vamprik has been promoted to a Department Manager.

The second promotion was given to Ditch-Rider. Ditch-Rider has been working closely with Rebel and I for the past few months and has been readily available to assist many of our newer members in helping them get situated in our virtual world. Ditch-Rider has been promoted to Division Manager and will be working with Rebel to finally establish departments for our department managers to manage. This is the first step toward finally making the society organized and running like a true organization. Expect some updates on their progress over the next couple of weeks.

I also want to mention the great hunt event that was held over the weekend. One of the largest turn outs for a society event, and we even managed to get 3 globals. It was a great time for all who attended. If you haven't been able to attend one of our weekend events, you are really missing out. As I mentioned before, Vamp does an excellent job of organizing these events and its really fun for us, as a society, to work together as a team for a couple of hours. Thank you also to Fenchurch for providing transportation to the hunt location for some of the participants.

Sign ups for the swunt event scheduled for December 5th at 0:00 game time are up in the Events section. Please indicate if you will or will not be able to attend so that Vamprik can prepare the event based on the number of participants.

Lastly, the weekly radio show is back! Although in a much more amateur fashion, I will be hosting a 2-3 hour radio show each week. The date,time and possibly the location will change and will most likely start shortly after the weekend society event ends. We also have our first sponsor for the new radio show. Cat Wells who owns quite a few shops around Calypso has graciously made a donation for this week's radio show and special mention will be made several times during the show to promote her shops. Remember, every member is eligible to make some PED if you find a sponsor for the radio show. You can find details about this in the forums. If you have any questions please feel free to ask Hearts, Rebel, or Ditch-Rider about it.

That's all for now folks. Have fun out there, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

<3 Hearts <3


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