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Entropia Revival Project Information & Guidelines

[Pinned] Leadership Availability Calendar

Hello Everyone, the following link is for your use to track the availability of leaders in our society. I recommend you bookmark it :) calendar is intended for your use so that you will know when to expect ...
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Entropia Revival Project Information & Guidelines

[Pinned] Society Guidelines, Operating Manual and Code of Conduct

Hello everyone, Posted here is the Entropia Revival Project Rules and Regulations document. This information will serve as our primary operating manual and I encourage everyone to read it. It will contain: Our Code of ConductHow to advance in the ...
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Entropia Revival Project Information & Guidelines


Hi all im hosting a free voice chat room for those who hate to typ :)i have set up a room on Raidcall,this is a very simple voice chat program to is a link to download it,, you install it...
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